Step 1: The model

  • Realization in stereolithography on printer wax or resin.
  • Manual realization in sculpting wax or directly in metal for simple models.

Step 2: TThe silicone impression mold

The rubber mold, made by vulcanization under pressure and at high temperatures, using a model of metal.

Step 3: Wax

Wax heated to about 70 ° C. is injected into the mold.

Step 4: Mounting

“Tree” in wax. The prints are mounted on a stem, like branches on a tree trunk.

Step 5: Coating

The shaft is enclosed in a perforated cylinder, previously sealed with a plastic film, in order to be able to contain the coating (refractory plaster).

Step 6: Casting

The mold is placed in a vacuum chamber. The metal fills the impression.

Step 7: The metal shaft

After the casting, when the cylinder is still warm, waits for a minute and then it is soaked in a bucket of cold water. The coating disintegrates and allows the metal shaft to be easily removed. The shaft is then cleaned with a high-pressure water jet and then with a wet sandblaster.

Step 8: The deburring

Deburring is the step of removing the casting rods from the cast iron shafts.